Evin Lamar
Educator. Creating Leaders. Lawyer. Writer. Believer. Thinker. I write experiences to be shared. You never know who may identify with your words and be saved.
Capital City Lawyers Association — Raleigh, NC

This Black History Month, I felt compelled to urge you to encourage and Black and Brown students to pursue a legal career. Although this letter speaks specifically to legal education, the concepts and ideas can be applied to any industry or profession. Thank you for reading and sharing.

This letter…

For 10 years I’ve put my eye to the lens to capture memories and moments. From runway shows to weddings, from birthday parties to holiday soirees, my camera has seen it all.

Although a licensed attorney, I have spent countless hours perfecting a craft. Not a craft of legal interpretation…

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

“Our criminal justice system needs reforming and the perfect person for the job may have dreadlocks. Meanwhile, you, an attorney, have encouraged them to cut their pride and dignity off so they can ‘fit in.’” @jastalkslaw (Attorney Jas, Twitter)

I read this tweet and it really bothered me. Not because…

Evin Lamar

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