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Evin Lamar
Educator. Creating Leaders. Lawyer. Writer. Believer. Thinker. I write experiences to be shared. You never know who may identify with your words and be saved.

YOU can make that happen.

Capital City Lawyers Association — Raleigh, NC

My journey to journaling as a Black man

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Supplement your income with something you love.

A perfect app for socializing in a pandemic

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There is no such thing as “self-discipline” only decisions.

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The conflict of work values: proficiency vs. efficiency.

Because you’re always looking for failure.

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Why the legal profession fails at diversity and inclusion.

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“Our criminal justice system needs reforming and the perfect person for the job may have dreadlocks. Meanwhile, you, an attorney, have encouraged them to cut their pride and dignity off so they can ‘fit in.’” @jastalkslaw (Attorney Jas, Twitter)

Evin Lamar

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