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Evin Lamar
Educator. Creating Leaders. Lawyer. Writer. Believer. Thinker. I write experiences to be shared. You never know who may identify with your words and be saved.

YOU can make that happen.

Capital City Lawyers Association — Raleigh, NC

This Black History Month, I felt compelled to urge you to encourage and Black and Brown students to pursue a legal career. Although this letter speaks specifically to legal education, the concepts and ideas can be applied to any industry or profession. Thank you for reading and sharing.

This letter is for you. Yes, YOU, whoever you are reading this letter. You don’t have to be Black. You don’t have to be a lawyer. But YOU can encourage Black students to pursue the legal profession. It is essential to have more Black lawyers despite the barriers to legal education. …

My journey to journaling as a Black man

Photo by Thom Holmes on Unsplash

I’m Black. I felt that was an important place to start. I’m also a man. I’m a young, Black man. *Cue “I just wanna live” by Keedron Bryant.*

Growing up as a young, Black man in the South, I don’t think mental health and mental wellness were ever separated from religion or spirituality. We were told to pray through our issues most of our lives before counseling or therapy was a consideration.

Although positive mental health practices aren’t new, they are part of the Black community’s conversations. Even in the religious context, people are starting to understand the importance of…

Supplement your income with something you love.

For 10 years I’ve put my eye to the lens to capture memories and moments. From runway shows to weddings, from birthday parties to holiday soirees, my camera has seen it all.

Although a licensed attorney, I have spent countless hours perfecting a craft. Not a craft of legal interpretation, but a method of interpreting life through a lens.

As a lawyer, appealing to clients goes beyond success rates. Professional appearance is key. Evin L. Grant Photography aims to provide an inexpensive solution. Whether for a media profile, company website, or speaker biography, the right picture sets the right example…

A perfect app for socializing in a pandemic

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Whew — I had to take a couple days off of “Clubhouse” to decide what I wanted it to be for me. As an extrovert, I noticed it was surprisingly draining. Well, “Clubhouse” isn’t draining; some of the people on it are energy sucks. I had to escape from that quickly and reassess. But that’s every social media platform. You have to figure out how to construct an experience that speaks to you rather than pulls from you.

I was invited to “Clubhouse” on Tuesday, December 8, 2020, by a brother who is in a Black men’s mental health group…

There is no such thing as “self-discipline” only decisions.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

I no longer believe in the concept of self-discipline (or motivation for that matter — but that’s a different conversation). People don’t “self-discipline themselves,” they make a choice to act. Our power is in that ability to make that choice. We either choose to do something, or we choose to not do something.

We use motivation and self-discipline to absolve us from accountability or responsibility for doing or not doing something. How many times have you said “I don’t have the motivation” or “I just need self-discipline” as your reason for not doing something?

“The ability to control one’s feelings…

The conflict of work values: proficiency vs. efficiency.

Over my career I’ve witness a conflict around work ethic. Some people appear to not be working hard, yet get a lot done. Some people work hard or nonstop, but are not producing results quickly. But why? What does it mean to “work hard?” Input or output? Why do people work so differently when we are all trying to accomplish the same goal? A theory: “we do not work the same, because we do not value the same things.

Generally, workers fall in one of two things, Proficiency or Efficiency. To clarify, Proficiency and Efficiency are not mutually exclusive. They…

Because you’re always looking for failure.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

A lesson from “When Things Fall Apart” by Pema Chödrön.

We all want to be successful. Probably why you are reading this story. You want to see if the secret to unlocking your success will be in the words below. You want to know how you could possibly be afraid of success and why hoping to be successful prevents you from being successful.

Taking some points from Pema Chödrön, “all hope is rooted in fear.” All anxiety, all dissatisfaction, all the reasons for hoping that our experience could be different, are rooted in fear. How we behave is in constant…

Why the legal profession fails at diversity and inclusion.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

“Our criminal justice system needs reforming and the perfect person for the job may have dreadlocks. Meanwhile, you, an attorney, have encouraged them to cut their pride and dignity off so they can ‘fit in.’” @jastalkslaw (Attorney Jas, Twitter)

I read this tweet and it really bothered me. Not because of what it said, but because of what it signifies. What did it mean to “fit in”? Recently the legal profession has put a lot of emphasis on the buzzword “inclusion.” …

Evin Lamar

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